About Us

Fruitcake is an alternative art magazine that has been operating out of UC Santa Cruz since 2015. We are a registered SOMeCA organization dedicated to creative expression through printable visual media, always striving to provide the most open platform possible for student artists to share their visions, thoughts, and stories. We welcome a broad and ever-growing diversity of artistic styles and place an emphasis on the substance of artists’ work, as opposed to their technical training or formal experience. We also hope to inspire community members to express themselves visually in new ways, which we believe can be one of the strongest forms of human connection.

Our annual magazine is released every Spring, showcasing the works of a new pool of talented student artists every year. All issues are released in both print and digital form, with the latter being available for free on our website.

Mission Statement

Fruitcake Magazine is dedicated to the publication and promotion of student artists of all skill levels and academic backgrounds.

Bijou, beloved cat of former Fruitcake signer Delaney